#38: 4 Ways to Support Muscles Using EMS Technology

#38: 4 Ways to Support Muscles Using EMS Technology

Did you know? There are 4 clinically proven ways to support your muscles at different stages of training--all using electric muscle stimulation (EMS). PowerDot offers all of these benefits and much more, with our discreet, convenient, FDA approved EMS device.

Learn how you can leverage all 4 benefits of EMS for muscle support pre-, during and post-workout.

Speed Up Muscle & Joint Recovery

Imagine being able to speed up muscle recovery on your off days. Electrical muscle stimulation makes it possible to do just that. Also known as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES), our portable EMS device has the capability to reduce muscle soreness, ease muscle discomfort and even support joint recovery in between workouts. The science is simple--PowerDot keeps muscles moving using gentle electrical pulses, effectively promoting blood circulation and flushing out toxins including lactic acid build up.

Recovery is just as important as your workout. It’s during the post-workout stress-adaptation-recovery cycle that muscles tear and break down. Using electric muscle stimulation correctly and consistently in between workouts not only helps speed up muscle recovery, but also has the potential to prevent muscle injury and protect joints. PowerDot does this by using deep electrical pulses to increase blood flow to joints, break up scar tissue, replenish energy stores, and repair and strengthen muscles.

PowerDot offers 4 distinct muscle recovery programs including Active Recovery, Light Recovery, Extended Recovery and Massage. Our Active Recovery program helps accelerate and improve muscle recovery. Light Recovery mode does this as well, but at a lower frequency of electric muscle stimulation. Extended Recovery mode establishes a longer muscle stimulation period. Each of these muscle recovery programs are designed to be applied within 2 hours of your workout. Use Massage mode for gentle daily muscle stimulation, which helps decrease muscle soreness, stiffness, and everyday aches and pains.

Improve Muscle Strength & Endurance

Where EMS treatments were at one time only accessible in a doctor’s or physical therapist’s office, PowerDot brings electric muscle stimulation home. Now you can train and condition like some of the world’s top athletes.

Electrical muscle stimulation activates slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers every 2-3 seconds, causing more muscle fibers to contract than during a traditional workout. This translates to greater muscle strength, lasting endurance and optimal athletic performance.

While EMS treatments have a long history of applications, recent scientific and physiological evidence point to the use of EMS technology for muscle strength development, showing greater strength gains and strength adaptations when used in combination with traditional strength training exercises focused on pushing, pressing and pulling. Consistent use of electrical muscle stimulation as a means to strengthen muscles will also help you handle more intense workouts as you work toward competition and peak performance.

Performance programs include:

  • Resistance
  • Strength
  • Strength Endurance
  • Explosive Strength
  • Muscle Endurance

Non-Invasive Muscle Relief

Feel better faster with PowerDot EMS technology. Our scientifically backed, pain-free EMS device helps keep blood flowing and muscles active pre-, during and post-workout. First, set your PowerDot to Warm-Up/Potentiation mode to prepare muscles to work harder during your workout. Then cool down and restore muscles using any of our 3 different recovery modes or our Massage function.

Recovery and Massage programs can be used daily to help ease muscle discomfort and everyday aches and pains due to your workout, or simply stress. Massage away knots, loosen tight muscles and alleviate chronic stiffness using safe, gentle muscle stimulation.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

One of the most exciting aspects of modern EMS technology is that athletes, trainers, fitness enthusiasts--and YOU--can be proactive in helping to prevent muscle tears or joint injury. Daily or weekly NMES treatments can help reduce the risk of injury at all stages of your training program. At the same time, electric muscle stimulation enhances your every move by speeding up muscle recovery, and supporting muscle strength and performance.

PowerDot is truly the all-in-one solution to improving your fitness performance so you can run faster, jump higher and train longer from anywhere in the world (or simply from the comfort of your own home). Lightweight and ergonomic, you can use our EMS device on almost any part of the body to help you warm-up, workout strong, cool down and recovery quickly. Personalize your experience and track your fitness data from our intuitive mobile app, which makes it easier than ever to see and relish in the rewards of your total body transformation.

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