#16: 4 Muscle Recovery Techniques for Athletes

#16: 4 Muscle Recovery Techniques for Athletes

For professional athletes and college athletes alike, muscle building is everything. Yet one of the biggest obstacles professional athletes face is improving muscle strength while also balancing rest and recovery time. Recovery is essential for high performing athletes to help reduce fatigue and enhance performance. Electric muscle stimulation offers a safe way to minimize recovery time as well as strengthen muscles, boost endurance and improve overall sports performance.

This article breaks down 4 ways to maximize fitness recovery, with professional athletes and college athletes in mind.

Vary Your Workout Routine

It’s critically important to balance exercise with rest and recovery to avoid overtraining or injury. This can be challenging for professional athletes due to the high level of sports performance expected. But what happens in between workouts is just as important as the workouts themselves. During rest and recovery periods the body responds and adapts to the strain of prior training. Continuous training, without the benefit of incorporating rest and recovery time, can weaken muscles and cause serious damage that may put you in jeopardy of competing.

Varying your workout routine to incorporate muscle recovery can reap many rewards. Recovery time allows the body to repair overworked muscles or damaged tissue, replenish energy stores and even prevent fluid loss. You can easily build rest and recovery time into your training program using a 5-day split workout plan or similar workout routine.

Incorporate Superfoods into Your Diet

As a professional athlete, your diet may already be well balanced. If not, now is the perfect time to prioritize (and optimize!) your nutrition to help support a healthy lifestyle suited for high performance sports. Food is fuel. No one knows this better than professional athletes. So make it work for you. One of the easiest ways is to incorporate superfoods into your diet. Some of our favorites include salmon, avocado, spinach, kale, quinoa, chia seed, almonds, blueberries and more.

Get Plenty of Rest

It may sound simple, but sleep is essential post workout for a variety of reasons. Not only does sleep affect the brain and body including cognitive functioning, mental health, and overall health and wellness, but it is also responsible for a lot of the repair that occurs in between intense workouts.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends between 7-9 hours of sleep a night for optimal rest and recovery. This period is important for professional athletes and college athletes because it’s during this time that the body is able to fully restore before the next workout, especially as workouts increase in intensity throughout throughout the season.

Incorporate EMS for Faster Recovery

As a pro-athlete, college athlete or fitness professional, you’ve likely heard of or even incorporated EMS technology into your workout routine. Up until now, many professional athletes have looked to physical therapists or physicians to prescribe EMS treatments. As you know, this method of treatment requires an appointment, office visit and bulky machinery. PowerDot, however, is the portable solution designed to help professional athletes and college athletes:

  • Reduce lactic acid build up
  • Support muscle repair
  • Promote muscle relaxation
  • Massage away tension
  • Prevent muscle tears or other injuries
  • Assist in essential recovery to develop full payoff from previous training
  • Temporarily increase blood circulation in the area applied
  • Warm up before important events and competitions
  • Increase muscle contraction speed to prepare for maximum output
  • Improve muscle strength and strength endurance
  • Enhance overall sports performance

The added benefit of using PowerDot EMS technology is that our device is FDA cleared and clinically proven to deliver results.

As with any electric muscle stimulation treatment plan, PowerDot is meant to be paired with your personal workout routine to support recovery in between workouts or post workout as well as to help you jump higher, lift more, run longer and recover faster.

Learn how PowerDot pairs with our easy-to-use app for maximum sports performance!

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