#77: Bad Circulation? Here's How PowerDot Can Help

#77: Bad Circulation? Here's How PowerDot Can Help

Out of nowhere, your feet start to tingle. Or maybe it’s a numbness in your hands and fingers. Perhaps you’re experiencing throbbing, pain, or cramps in your muscles. It sounds like you’re dealing with circulation problems — but you don’t have to live with them. 

Fortunately, there are a number of methods that contribute toward circulation improvement, one of which is electric muscle stimulation (EMS). Let’s talk more about circulation issues and how PowerDot can help you.


We’d like to offer you a little context before we dive in.

What Does Your Circulatory System Do?

First, we want to take just a brief moment to explain what circulation even is. This will help you better understand why electric muscle stimulation can help.

Your circulatory system, made up of your heart and blood vessels, sends oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body so that they can accomplish their many tasks. You actually have two circulatory systems: systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation. 

Systemic circulation gives your organs, cells, and tissues blood so that they receive oxygen and other things they need in order to do their jobs. With pulmonary circulation, fresh oxygen we breathe goes into our blood and carbon dioxide is released from our blood.

In a nutshell, these two systems work together to help keep us alive.

We’re barely scratching the surface here but still want to give you an idea of why exactly healthy circulation is so important. Without it, long story short, your body can’t work the way it needs to. Circulation is vital to keeping you alive.

The Causes of Poor Circulation

There are a number of causes of bad circulation of blood, including diabetes, blood clots, obesity, and smoking tobacco products. Another culprit is excessive sitting, something that much of America is almost forced into doing thanks to our work culture.

When you sit for too long, your blood collects and remains in your feet and legs. This reduces your blood flow (read: circulation). Have you ever noticed that when you sit for too long, your legs and feet start to fall asleep? This is why.

Furthermore, sitting can contribute to pinched nerves. Combine this with bad posture — something else a lot of us are guilty of — and you have a recipe for disaster. This can further contribute to poor circulation. (Side note: If you’re dealing with pinched nerves due to sitting, you might be experiencing severe back pain. PowerDot can help with chronic back pain.)

The ideal solution is to sit less and stand/move more. You can also complement these healthier habits with electric muscle stimulation to kick your blood flow back into action. 

Let’s get into that next. 

How PowerDot Can Help Improve Circulation

One of the many benefits of electric muscle stimulation is that it encourages and improves your circulatory system function. Specifically, it works within your peripheral circulation, which comprises the systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation.  

You now know that sitting for prolonged periods can cause circulation problems. PowerDot counters this by promoting blood flow even when your muscles aren’t in use. Essentially, it keeps your muscle tissues active even when you’re not able to actually be physically active. This is why people love using PowerDot for long flights. When you’re cramped in a tiny seat on a plane and can’t exactly get up to run laps and knock out a few squats, electric muscle stimulation can help.

PowerDot helps to improve the transportation, distribution, and circulation of blood; the relationship between blood and tissue; and the storage of blood within the venous system.

What does this even mean? All of this might not make much sense to you. When you have circulation problems, all you can think about is the tingling, numbness, coldness, throbbing, or whatever sensations you might be experiencing. 

When you use PowerDot to improve your circulation, the benefits are compounded. Not only is your body operating in a healthier manner — with your cells and organs receiving the nutrients and oxygen that they need — but you physically feel better. Blood that was previously mostly stagnant is kicked into gear again. Tingling, numbness, and other symptoms subside. 

And don’t forget, too, that healthy circulation also promotes quicker healing and recovery. So, if you have a particularly grueling workout, your muscles will bounce back faster than they would otherwise. Circulation improvement affects your body inside and out, with some results that you might not notice but also plenty that you will plainly feel.

PowerDot for Pain as a Result of Bad Circulation

With pain in the muscles and limbs being another side effect of circulation issues, people often look for a way to alleviate this nagging discomfort. 

You can also use PowerDot to address pain specifically, with our Smart TENS feature. With Smart TENS, you can use PowerDot and the accompanying app to select your area of pain, specify what kind of pain it is (chronic, acute, injury-related, etc.), and lastly, set your pain tolerance. 

PowerDot takes this information to design a program specifically for you. Address your pain with a customized plan and track your progress over time. This is why people also use PowerDot for arthritis pain.

The best way to address your circulation problems is to come at them from all angles. Work at the root of the problem to improve your circulatory system and its core, and simultaneously address any pain or discomfort in the meantime. This is the formula for circulation improvement.

TENS units have been available over-the-counter for quite some time. However, very few have offered proven results and even fewer are FDA-approved. PowerDot is a trusted device used by people from all walks of life, and it’s FDA-approved.

Remember, electric muscle stimulation shouldn’t merely be a bandage for circulation issues. It should address them at their core. PowerDot is the perfect complement to healthy habits and an active lifestyle. Use it to alleviate your circulation issues and symptoms and live a more comfortable life day to day.

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