#8: Fitness for Moms: Step into a Healthier Lifestyle

#8: Fitness for Moms: Step into a Healthier Lifestyle

Fitness for Moms: Step into a Healthier Lifestyle


A healthy mom is a happy mom--and when mom is happy, everyone else is too! With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we can’t think of a more perfect gift to amplify and support your fitness training, no matter what your age or fitness level. Our team of fitness professionals here at PowerDot have put together three powerful workout programs that incorporate electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for optimal results.

In this article, we’ll explore EMS powered training programs for athletic moms, first time moms and older moms using PowerDot smart muscle stimulator technology across performance, recovery, and health and wellness maintenance.

Athletic Moms: Power Up Your Performance & Fitness Results

You’re a total pro when it comes to juggling playdates and PTA meetings as you power through your daily commute and weekend activities with multiple kids in tow. As an active mom, your full schedule and busy lifestyle demand mental clarity, physical strength and plenty of endurance. Now you can add PowerDot to your list of must-have fitness training tools to help you maximize every movement and muscle throughout the day so that you don’t miss a beat.

You’ve always been athletic and you prioritize your health, wellness and fitness just as much as your family life. It’s important for you to be in the best shape possible so that you can stay on top of your career while taking care of your children and household. We know it takes a strong (and fit!) woman to be a mom boss--which is why you have zero time to waste once you hit the gym or workout from home.

PowerDot is the perfect fitness performance tool to help you build strength, increase your power and improve your workouts by training your muscles to perform better. Our proven electric muscle stimulator is FDA-cleared, clinically proven and scientifically sound. PowerDot allows you to harness the same technology that high performance athletes have used for decades--except your EMS device is lightweight, portable and synced up to our easy-to-use fitness app. Supplement your workouts with next-level EMS powered training that improves your muscles’ ability to work harder and resist fatigue.

New Moms: Reduce Recovery Time with Electrical Muscle Stimulation

As a new mom, the laundry list of to-dos is exhaustive. With little time (and little sleep!) in between baby feedings and household chores, we understand that you must make every minute count when it comes to getting your pre-baby body back.

One of the easiest workouts you can incorporate into your daily schedule is strolling the neighborhood--either with your baby strapped into a harness on your back or front, or in an actual stroller. Fitness professionals recommend walking just 30 minutes per day to reap health and wellness benefits including a boost in energy, increased metabolism, calorie burn, stress reduction, heart health benefits, greater stamina, improved balance and coordination, and more. If 30 minutes sounds like a stretch, simply break up your daily workout routine into two, 15-minute walks or three, 10-minute bursts of exercise.

It’s easy and effective to incorporate electric muscle stimulation into your warm up, workout and recovery. Many first time moms like you workout from home, and have found that PowerDot helps maximize muscle performance during walking and other light to moderate workout routines. Electrical muscle stimulation also helps reduce recovery time in between workouts, easing muscle discomfort through endorphin release. You can even activate our Massage wellness program at the end of a long day to help temporarily increase blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation across individual muscles or targeted muscle groups.

Older Moms: Optimize Your Overall Wellness with PowerDot

You’re a seasoned mom and maybe even a grandmother, but age doesn’t stop you from looking (and feeling!) amazing. Your overall health and wellness are more important than ever, not just for the purposes of aging gracefully, but as means to support mental acuity, physical strength, bone density, flexibility and longevity.

As an older mom, it’s important to consider incorporating electric muscle stimulation into your weekly fitness routine. Electrical muscle stimulation helps ease everyday muscle tightness that may be slowing you down due to aging. Your PowerDot electric muscle stimulator can also be used to help fight muscle atrophy as a result of lack of physical activity due to disease or injury, by promoting blood flow and flushing out lactic acid as it contracts muscles. Consistent use of electrical muscle stimulation can help prevent future injuries and muscle tears.

PowerDot offers the same pain-free and proven EMS technology that doctors and physical therapists use to treat patients just like you. Imagine having immediate, ongoing access to safe treatment of everyday aches and pains, chronic stiffness, muscle tension and weakness using gentle electric muscle stimulation. Effortlessly access pre-set training programs with a simple tap and swipe to take control of your everyday wellness and recovery.

Whether you’re an athletic, on-the-go mom, a first time mom who finds creative ways to sneak in a workout at home or an older mom with an empty nest, PowerDot is your all-in-one training tool for warm up, fitness performance and results, recovery, and wellness. Your PowerDot EMS device is safe, portable and easy to use so you can perform at your peak potential this Mother’s Day season and beyond.

Get the body you’ve always dreamed of and live your best life with PowerDot fitness training programs featuring EMS technology!

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