#12: How Does PowerDot EMS Compare to Other Recovery Tools?

#12: How Does PowerDot EMS Compare to Other Recovery Tools?

Recover from any workout--especially muscle building workouts, or strength and endurance training--with the right tools in place. From compression clothing to foam rollers and everything in between, there’s certainly no shortage of fitness equipment to support recovery post workout. We discuss how PowerDot’s electrical muscle stimulator stacks up against some of the most popular recovery tools on the market.

Compression Clothing

Many of these brands feature compression clothing that looks cool, but does it perform well post workout? Compression clothing is engineered to be some of the lightest, most flexible gear on the market. The idea of compression clothing is that it reduces swelling and improves blood flow post workout. However, science has found that electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) promotes faster, more effective results to these same issues and in addition hold a variety of other benefits from strength building to injury prevention.

Foam Rollers

These are basic recovery tools designed for in-home use post workout. Some foam rollers on the market are even powered by rechargeable batteries that offer different vibration speeds to help relax tight muscles post workout and limit muscle soreness. These tools offer a mild to moderate degree of fitness recovery support whereas PowerDot EMS technology engages muscle fibers at a deep level, providing immediate medical grade muscle stimulation with lasting recovery effects.

Traditional and battery operated foam rollers also tend to be bulky and difficult to transport or store. PowerDot, by contrast, is the world smartest muscle therapy tool, and the only electric muscle stimulator on the market that is altogether sleek, ergonomic, lightweight and wireless. Forget battery packs, complicated wires and constant trips to the doctor for treatment. PowerDot is portable and easy to use. Simply place stimulation pods on the muscles you want to target and a few taps in our app will take care of the rest.

Percussion tools

These recovery tools are something like a drill or a jigsaw that you would find at your local hardware store. Similar to an EMS device these tools reduce lactic acids in the muscles, relieve muscle soreness, and some even come with customizable settings similar to PowerDot’s many programs. As simple as these devices can be for an at home recovery tool, they are bulky, loud, and not practical for travel. PowerDot on the other hand comes in a travel size carrying case and is completely controlled from an intuitive app on your mobile device. Completely silent and perfect for on-the-go recovery. On top of that PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator has proven performance programs for muscle strength and endurance enhancement.


Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine where therapist use specialized cups to create suction and promote blood flow. Typically used for pain and deep tissue massage, cupping can be a very effective way to reduce inflammation in injured muscle areas. Cupping therapy is a proven and ancient recovery solution, but is it worth the money and time it takes to see a physical therapist. Electrical muscle stimulation provides the same muscle recovery benefits but is available for at home use, on-the-go use and even paired with your workout routine. Cupping can be a great alternative method to pain relief, but for your every day recovery needs, save the trip and money by going with your EMS device.  

Grab-and-Go Massage Equipment

There are many grab-and-go massagers on the market these days, from low cost TENS units to specified massagers for feet and back support. When it comes to arch support and recovery, our team of fitness professionals here at PowerDot agree that foot care is especially important post workout. After all, there are more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments within the foot alone! Did you know that PowerDot can be used on any targeted area or muscle group across the body? Unlike bulky, no-tech massagers, PowerDot is designed to flex to fit any body shape or size for ease of use and comprehensive pain relief. PowerDot delivers electrical muscle stimulation at varying degrees, can can be used to help support strained muscles post workout or ease everyday aches and pains.

Back support is another target area that is vital to any workout plan or recovery program. When it comes to back massagers, these traditional recovery products are designed to help ease common muscle aches and pains associated with physical and occupational stress or injury. The problem with manual massage tools, however, is that you may end up straining your arms, shoulder and neck muscles, or other parts of your body trying to ease the area of concern. PowerDot is the easy choice here for many reasons, the most obvious of which is that stimulation pods can easily be placed anywhere on the body and controlled wirelessly via our app for fuller scope pain relief and recovery.

We covered quite a lot of ground in terms of muscle recovery gear, moving from compression clothing to smart EMS technology and everything in between. Now that you have a clear picture of traditional and low- or no-tech recovery tools as compared to smart EMS technology, you’ll be better equipped to put PowerDot to use to make the most out of your workouts while optimizing your overall wellness.

Dive deeper into the science behind electric muscle stimulation in our Training Room online, and get ready to activate proven muscle support!


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