How to Train like a Regionals Athlete

How to Train like a Regionals Athlete

Regionals are nearly here and the competition is sure to be fierce. These are the qualifying functional fitness competitions where the fittest athletes compete across nine Regionals to earn five spots in the August Games. Forty men, 40 women, 40 teams, 80 teenagers and 240 masters will compete to rank among the world’s fittest to compete in the Games. The Games are made up of a range of high intensity functional fitness movements to test fitness including long distance, speed, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility and strength events.

Now you can use the PowerDot electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) to activate muscles, build strength and gain a competitive advantage among top athletes competing during Regionals. Read on for our fitness training tips using electrical muscle stimulation and kick your workout routine into high gear!

Tip 1: Power Up Your Strength Training

Technology seems to advance at lightning speed, making it easier than ever to access tools and equipment designed to improve quality of life. This is just as true across health, wellness and fitness as in any other space. Now you can train smarter and workout harder by harnessing the same electronic muscle stimulation that top athletes, doctors and physical therapists use to help strengthen muscles and aid in recovery. PowerDot is the world’s first smart muscle stimulator, which supports rapid strength training, fitness performance and recovery.

Can electrical muscle stimulation really increase strength? The short answer is, yes. Electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS has been used for decades for muscle recovery. More recently substantial evidence has emerged to support the use of EMS technology for strength development, showing strength gains of up to 30% when electric muscle stimulation is used in combination with traditional strength training exercises.


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Tip 2: Improve Your Fitness Performance Results

Now, how do you strength train for Regionals using our electrical muscle stimulator? Powerful and portable, PowerDot connects wirelessly through our smart app for quick and easy access to the exact muscle stimulation you need across specific muscle groups. Jump-start your workouts with electrical muscle stimulation. PowerDot EMS technology helps prepare healthy muscles to work harder and facilitates optimal muscle performance in just three to five minutes.

With just over two weeks remaining until the first Regionals event, you’ll want to implement EMS treatments for strength training and strength endurance training between three to four times a week during high intensity workout days. Your off days help the central nervous system recover effectively. Electrical muscle stimulation will help improve overall muscle strength when you pair with training sessions focused on pushing, pressing and pulling. Use PowerDot between or after strength training workouts up to three times per week, per muscle group over a 25-minute workout. Additionally, EMS treatments will help increase your ability to handle more intense workouts so that you can continue to push yourself to perform at your peak potential. Use PowerDot pre- or post strength endurance workouts up to four times per week, per muscle group over a 30- to 45-minute workout.


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Tip 3: Recover Faster Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Ultimately you’ll want to maximize the time you have between now and the start of Regionals to ramp up your workout routine and recover as quickly as possible in between workouts as well as in between qualifying events. Not only is the PowerDot muscle stimulator designed to help you boost strength training, but it is also ideal for muscle recovery. Top athletes like Josh Bridges, Camille leBlanc-Bazinet and Björk Odinsdottir, all competing in Regionals, use PowerDot to safely and effectively strength train, improve muscle performance and recover in between high intensity workouts.

Former US Navy SEAL, PowerDot athlete and Regionals competitor Bridges typically uses our muscle stimulator on the calves, quads and backs of his shoulders. Bridges says, “if you want to be a legitimate athlete and you want to recover the most efficient way, this is what it’s going to help you do...There’s nothing out there like the PowerDot.”

The more you move in between high intensity workouts, the greater the opportunity for recovery. Use PowerDot to reactivate individual muscles and targeted muscle groups on recovery days. Our electronic muscle stimulation device gently contracts those muscles, promoting blood flow, flushing out lactic acid and helping to ease muscle discomfort through endorphin release for faster recovery.

Electrical muscle stimulation is one of the fastest, most effective ways to strength train for Regionals and gain a powerful competitive edge. The PowerDot smart muscle stimulator is a safe and easy choice, making it possible for athletes of all levels to use the same FDA-cleared technology used by professional athletes, physicians and physical therapists.

Shop PowerDot today and optimize your Regionals training and workout routines!

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