Introducing: Olympian and World Champion hurdler, Georganne Moline

Introducing: Olympian and World Champion hurdler, Georganne Moline

Coming off back to back wins in Rome and Prague, we got to sit down with Olympian and World Champion hurdler Georganne Moline, to pick her brain. Get to know some fun facts and background on her athletic journey below. 

Georganne Moline using PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator

When and where did you first get your start in athletics?

I was always involved in sports growing up. It started in kindergarten when I played t-ball. Then I got into cheerleading, volleyball, cross country, and eventually track. I joined track in HS more for the social aspect. I was a pretty awkward and shy kid then. The track became a place where I felt I belonged and people started to know me because I was fast.

Was there a person that inspired you early on in your career?

My mom was and always will be my inspiration.

You made the 2012 Olympics and did really well. How was that experience?

Making the Olympics was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my career. Being able to represent my country was such an honor. I come from a family of marines and proud Americans so that moment, wearing USA across my chest in opening ceremonies, is one I will never forget.

Now in the heart of the outdoor season, how are you training on a weekly basis?

I train 5 days a week. 2 of those days are double days where I lift in the morning and come back in the afternoon for a sprint/hurdle session. My coach also incorporates plyometrics into the weekly plan.

You are obviously doing a lot of running, but what other activities are you doing to be better?

Lifting, plyometrics, and also getting good at recovering. My PowerDot.

What do you do in effort to recover and get yourself ready for another day?

PowerDot is a vital part of my recovery. After hard days of training my go-to is extended recovery mode. Creating blood flow through muscle stimulation is the quickest way for me to recover so I can get more out of my body. I also like to get a deep tissue massage as part of my recovery to make my body better.

If a young athlete asked you for words of encouragement, what would you tell them?

That performance doesn’t have to be perfect but it always has to be their best effort. Go out there and give it your everything. If you do that, you can’t fail. Focus on everything in your control, and for the things you can’t control, find ways to turn them into advantages.

Now let’s have a little fun…

Favorite Food?


Favorite Movie?

Mrs. Doubtfire


Favorite Animal?


Favorite Musician?

Jagged edge

You’re going to be stranded on a desert island, and can bring three things. What are they and why?

Matches for fire, rope for shelter, and wine to help take my sunburn away.


We are happy to add Georganne Moline to our team and continue to be a vital part of her recovery and athletic journey! - PowerDot

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