#2: John Welbourn and the Power of EMS

#2: John Welbourn and the Power of EMS

Excellence in sports is nothing new to John Welbourn. As an athlete, Welbourn has seen his share of success. He played football for UC Berkeley and professionally for the Eagles, Chiefs and Patriots, starring in three NFC Championship games during his career. Welbourn has transferred this success into training top-tier athletes from MLB, NHL, NFL, CrossFit and the Olympics as CEO for his company, Power Athlete.

For nearly two decades now, the power of electro muscular stimulation (EMS) has been an integral part of Welbourn’s life. Following a devastating injury during his rookie season playing for the Philadexlphia Eagles, Welbourn discovered EMS could take his rehabilitation to a level traditional training simply could not. In fact, thanks to EMS and Welbourn’s tremendous determination, he was able to return to the NFL and nearly a decade of incredible success.

While Welbourn’s use of EMS was ground breaking at the time, it was extremely limiting by today’s standards. Welbourn explained the device he initially used was almost archaic with one frequency, restricting the duration it was useful in his training. “The concept has always been there,” said Welbourn, “We were limited by technology and application. It’s all about the ability to execute.”

According to Welbourn, execution is where PowerDot excels. The ease-of-use, app-based convenience and wide variety of programs allow for many types of athletes to integrate technology into training to take their workouts and bodies to the next level. Welbourn further explained athletes cannot ever really tell how much their muscles are actually working on their own, but through targeted EMS programs muscle stimulation can be used in a variety of ways to help athletes rehabilitate and strengthen prior-to and following both high intensity and endurance training. And, maybe most importantly, by varying programs muscles will continue to react positively to stimulus, making PowerDot the ultimate lifelong training tool.

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