Stay Strong in 17.2


We’ve heard from a lot of you that 17.1 did a number on your bodies…especially your backs. If you’re still dealing with the remnants of that workout don’t forget the massage program in the Powerdot app. It works wonders on a sore back.

Moving on to our tips on how to survive 17.2. Anneke is back to walk you through how Powerdot can help you. Check out her video for detailed tips on how to use your Powerdot to target the muscles impacted by 17.2. 

Remember, if you want to avoid an injury a proper warm-up is key. The potentiation program preps your muscles so they’re ready for whatever Dave Castro decides to throw at you.

Post-workout you must run Active Recovery. This is the “magic” that will help you function semi-normally the day after completing 17.2. Active Recovery flushes the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles during a workout, which helps your muscles recover faster. The key is run this program within 2 hours of completing your workout. Take your Powerdot to the gym with you and do a session while you commiserate with your friends on how brutal 17.2 was.

Powerdot Team Member: Anneke Marvin

A CrossFitter since 2009, Anneke is our go-to source for incorporating muscle stim into CrossFit training. She has completed her CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Endurance, and CrossFit Weightlifting certifications. She is also on the CrossFit Weightlifting SME Staff. 

Anneke knows first hand what it’s like to be a Crossfit competitor. She competed at CrossFit Regionals twice (in the SoCal Region in 2011 and 2013) and this is her eighth year participating in the CrossFit Open.

Outside of CrossFit, Anneke has held certifications from NASM, including her CPT, PES, Pre and Post Natal Exercise as well as a CPT certification from ACSM.

A SoCal resident, Anneke trains at her husband's gym, Driven Strength and Conditioning in Temecula, a registered CrossFit affiliate, and Dynamis CrossFit in Carlsbad. 

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