#3: NMES Technology Backed by Science

#3: NMES Technology Backed by Science

“Evidence-based medicine”, “Clinical data”, “Backed by science”

These are just a few of the catch phrases used in the fitness industry to describe the evaluation criteria for the near-constant output of fitness technology. With the volume of fitness-tech devices being released weekly, it can sometimes be difficult to know what is proven to work and what is just modern-day snake oil.

When evaluating the efficacy of fitness technology, one of the metrics that should be considered is who is using it. In the case of PowerDot, one of the most critical minds in the scientific community was an early adapter of our mobile, app based NMES technology – Dr. Kenneth Ford.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) — a not-for-profit research institute located in Pensacola, Florida, Dr. Ford has spent his professional life adhering to strict scientific principles and only accepts claims backed by data, research, and evidence.

In fact, Dr. Ford is so widely regarded in the scientific community that in 2004 Florida Trend Magazine named Dr. Ford one of Florida’s four most influential citizens working in academia. In addition,Dr. Ford is no stranger to research as the author of hundreds of scientific papers and six books on topics including: artificial intelligence, cognitive science, human-centered computing, and entrepreneurship in government and academia.

Dr. Ford’s list of academic and professional achievements is too long to include here, but if you would like to read more about him, you can find his biography by clicking here.

Having someone of Dr. Ford’s scientific, academic, and professional caliber be one of the first users of PowerDot speaks to our scientific research and data on efficacy and safety. If the director of NASA’s Center of Excellence in Information Technology feels confident using PowerDot with astronauts, you should feel confident using PowerDot too.

Check out Episode 50 of STEM-Talk with Dr. Ken Ford where he discusses how he trains with PowerDot.

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