PowerDot introduces Smart TENS™ - A revolutionary new way to relieve pain

PowerDot introduces Smart TENS™ - A revolutionary new way to relieve pain

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation sends electrical pulses to stimulate sensory nerves and provides pain relief in the applied area. This technology has been used for decades in physical therapy offices, training rooms, and even in OTC household settings. When applied at a low frequency, the stimulation creates an endorphin release that can relieve the pain for a period of time post the session. Additionally, when used at a high frequency it blocks pain signals from reaching the brain, this is called the Gate Theory. 

Now PowerDot users are able to access this technology on-demand in what is called Smart TENS™. Introduced as a new app feature, all PowerDot 1.0 & 2.0 users have access to this program. The journey begins by creating your specialized program within the app. Simply select the area in pain, confirm the type of pain (chronic, acute, injury related, etc), and set the users pain score or tolerance. Our proprietary algorithms take this information and create a specialized program designed to relieve the pain. Users are then able to track these results over time based on the pain score. 

Smart TENS Details

  • Pain is a personal experience, and that is why Smart TENS takes an individualized approach to pain management
  • Low & high frequencies are used in conjunction to help relieve pain and address the underlying issue
  • Users can control the intensity of the session to adjust for comfort and effectiveness
  • Results are tracked and analyzed over time to give a snapshot into the improvement of the isolated issue
  • PowerDot Smart TENS™ is a completely natural way to alleviate pain with no prescription necessary


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The world’s smartest muscle recovery & performance tool

With the addition of Smart TENS™, PowerDot further solidifies it’s position as the world leader in muscle recovery & performance. Not only can you now mitigate pain in the short term, the NMES (NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation) programs like Active Recovery or Resistance can help to address the root cause of the pain avoiding further injury. For those that need their bodies to perform at a high level, are dealing with chronic pain, or just want to feel their best, PowerDot is here to help. A one stop solution for all of your soft tissue therapy.

*iOS available 7/1. Android available 8/1.

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