PowerDot Provides Well Earned Recovery to Competitors at the Red Bull 400

PowerDot Provides Well Earned Recovery to Competitors at the Red Bull 400

"This was something I've really wanted to do for a long time. I'm so stoked, it’s awesome, but I'm hurting," - Miles Fink-Debray, Men’s winner of the 4th annual Red Bull 400.

This weekend was the 4th annual Red Bull 400 in Park City, Utah. A grueling sprint involving a vertical gain of roughly 140 meters over a distance of 400 meters. Needless to say this is the hardest 400m race around. Warm up and recovery were a must for these athletes, and we were there to provide it. Competitors from every walk of life came by the PowerDot booth to enjoy some well earned R&R and check out the brand new PowerDot 2.0.

PowerDot Red Bull Race

With almost 1200 competing athletes it is safe to say we had our hands full with providing proper recovery. Park city has hosted the Red Bull 400 the past four years and is the highest elevation of all the Red Bull ski jump series locations. A whopping 7,300ft (2,126m) above sea level. Oxygen tanks were required on hand and being used by many competitors before swinging by the PowerDot and RockTape booths.

Red Bull PowerDot Race Recovery

We’d like to congratulate the two individuals winners Miles Fink-Debray from Sun Valley, ID and Megan Foley from Salt Lake City, UT on their amazing performance at this year's race. Foley, Professional Triathlete, and Defending Champion of the 2018 Red Bull 400 Women’s category, said; "I really love the fast and furious events so I kind of love this race. It's shorter than what I normally get to do, but it's so hard and so fast, it's just a fun event." Men’s winner Fink-Debray, a former professional alpine skier, pulled off an incredible upset when he successfully passed Taylor Fletcher, in the final 20 meters. "I've never hurt so bad. I trained really hard for this and the last four months have been kind of focused on short, hard efforts up hills so to win it is just unreal, a dream come true." Fink-Debray said.

This year’s Red Bull 400 was a representation of resilience and hard work. We are very proud to be involved and look forward to the upcoming events as Red Bull moves in to the final two races of this season.

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