Red Bull Last Stand Weekend Recap With PowerDot

Red Bull Last Stand Weekend Recap With PowerDot

Everyday people from around the world travel to San Antonio, TX to visit the legendary Alamo and learn about it’s famous battle. This past Saturday October 13th, for the 3rd year in row, hundreds of cyclists descended upon Alamo City for their own type of battle: The 2018 Red Bull Last Stand.

A closed-circuit, 200+ rider race with athletes reaching speeds of up to 40 MPH around Alamo Plaza. The 2,690-foot, rain soaked, nine turn track entertained thousands of spectators with both geared and fixed geared men’s and women’s races. This year’s criterium or ‘crit’ race also stands out from most races with it’s new ‘Eliminator’ format. In this style set up, the rider who crosses the finish line last on each lap gets eliminated until there’s just one rider left to take their final celebration lap.

cyclists red bull last stand PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulation

“I was finding the fastest lines that I thought no one else was taking in the bunch”, Danielle Morshead, Winner of the women’s fixed gear final. Riding for the Aventon Factory Team out of San Anselmo, CA, Morshead got herself some very earned bragging rights as well as a $5,000 winning prize.

On the men’s side was winner Ian Anderson (pictured below); An 18-year-old San Antonio teen who dominated his division at this Saturday’s race. Anderson took first place in the Men's Fixed Gear division, a goal he has had for the last three years that the race has been in San Antonio, TX. “This is amazing. This is a dream I’ve had," Anderson said. "Last year I tried but it didn’t go as well as I hoped, but this year I just kept my focus on this race and it paid off.”

cyclist using electrical muscle stimulation at Red Bull Last Stand

We had the opportunity to provide some very needed recovery to these winning athletes as well as providing some R&R to many spectators between races. Using electrical muscle stimulation pre and post race has many benefits and these athletes needed all they could get. We had riders funnel through the recovery booth one by one to treat sore quads or tight hamstrings after their races. PowerDot would like to thank everyone who came by the booth to visit as well as Red Bull for provided yet another event at Alamo Plaza.

Below you can see a full list of the winners:

Women's Fixed

  • 1- Danielle Morshead- Aventon Factory Team
  • 2- Ash Duban- The Meteor // Hey Allez!
  • 3- Esther Walker- Aventon Factory Team

Men's Fixed

  • 1- Ian Anderson- Team CCR Roofing
  • 2- Olivier Leroy- Aventon Factory Team
  • 3- Kevin Gerkins- Elevate KHS Pro Cycling

Women's Geared

  • 1- Sammi Runnels- Squid Bikes
  • 2- Ash Duban- The Meteor // Hey Allez!
  • 3- Carolyn Defoore- Wolfpack p/b Hyperthreads

Men's Geared

  • 1- Frank Travieso- EDA evolution
  • 2- Tristan Uhl- Team CCR Roofing
  • 3- Nick Torraca- Elevate KHS Pro Cycling

Women's' Double Down Award

  • 1- Ash Duban- The Meteor // Hey Allez!

Men's Double Down Award

1- Jake Magee- Aventon Factory Team

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