#13: The Not-So-Secret Workout Pro Athletes and Celebrities are Doing

#13: The Not-So-Secret Workout Pro Athletes and Celebrities are Doing

There is an increasingly popular fitness trend sweeping the nation and quickly being adopted across the globe: electrical muscle stimulation for workouts or fitness recovery. Interestingly, EMS technology has been around for decades. Many doctors and physical therapists have used electric muscle stimulation treatments to help top athletes or patients in recovery. But up until now, EMS equipment has been bulky, expensive, and difficult to harness the power of electrical muscle stimulation at home.

Now that EMS workouts are gaining in popularity, the fitness industry is gearing up to fill the demand for portable EMS devices. What’s exciting is that PowerDot is the only lightweight, portable EMS device designed for regular use at home or at the gym. PowerDot is all science and technology. Our electric muscle stimulator is completely wireless and pairs with our elegant mobile app for pre-set fitness training programs in the palm of your hand. PowerDot is also FDA cleared, clinically proven and backed by scientific research.

Who’s Using EMS Technology?

Top level athletes have been using EMS for years; but as of late celebrities, CEOs, and fitness enthusiasts are all over this fitness trend, and it’s easy to see why. Electrical muscle stimulation does more than double duty, using electrodes to contract muscles, sending electrical pulses throughout the desired muscle or muscle groups every two to three seconds. These electrical pulses engage slow- and fast twitch muscle fibers at a rate not possible during traditional workouts. For example, one crunch, one lunge or one dumbbell curl each contracts one muscle at a time, while electrical muscle stimulation promotes hundreds of muscle contractions per second.

Though it might seem strange, there is actually a downside to booking EMS based sessions with high profile fitness trainers who cater to the stars. Some of the most renowned personal trainers work with zip-up vests or full body suits with electrical wires springing from every which way, not so unlike the bulky equipment used in doctors’ offices.

PowerDot is the complete opposite. Our electric muscle stimulator is wireless and designed to be portable, easy-to-use and discreet. You can workout alone or with a trainer, and still achieve the same results as top athletes and major celebrities. Besides these obvious benefits is the cost. At under $300 with the UNO or for payments as low as $22 a month, PowerDot make so much sense. Not only that but with PowerDot’s portability it creates a whole new outlet for trainer prescribed home workouts or post session recovery.

What are the Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation?

As you can imagine, the benefits are far reaching when you integrate electric muscle stimulation into your workout. And with PowerDot, you don’t have to be a top athlete or celebrity to leverage EMS for incredible post-workout results. Our technology is so advanced that you can take PowerDot with you anywhere or workout from home and simply follow the pre-set warm up routines, fitness workouts, or recovery and massage programs.

Electric muscle stimulation is extremely versatile, with the ability to enhance fitness training at any level. For fitness professionals, athletes and competitive users, PowerDot is the perfect fitness performance device to help you quickly and effectively build strength and endurance, increase explosiveness, and support muscle recovery in between workouts. For those who engage in light to moderate workout routines, electrical muscle stimulation helps maximize performance, and tone and build muscles. PowerDot electric muscle stimulation can also be used to fight muscle atrophy as a result of lack of physical activity due to disease or injury. Recovery and massage training programs in our easy-to-use app offer the perfect solutions to safely easing everyday aches, chronic stiffness, muscle tension, and muscle weakness.

How Do I Get Started with EMS?

You can use PowerDot EMS to help you warm up and prepare muscles for maximum output, or cool down to support recovery in between workouts. But where EMS technology truly outperforms any other popular workout, workout regimen or fitness recovery tool is during your actual workout. Studies show that you can achieve strength gains up to 30% after 10-15 treatments in a period of 3 weeks. (person and training age specific.  Studies from Kotts of the USSR) These strength gains aren’t necessarily from an increase in muscle mass but rather CNS related training.

It’s easy to get started with PowerDot. The app walks you through the initial setup of your EMS device, including syncing the EMS electrode pads with your phone. Once you’re all set, you can immediately select the fitness training programs suitable to your needs. They are broken down into two categories: Everyday Programs and Performance Programs. This is the best place to review your options, no matter how you plan to incorporate electrical muscle stimulation into your workout routine.

Electric muscle stimulation technology is one of the the hottest trends in fitness and health, but it’s certainly not going away anytime soon. If anything, here at PowerDot, we’re excited to be part of the increasing popularity and rapid growth of portable EMS devices and EMS workouts.

Hurry and grab yourself a PowerDot Duo for maximum fitness and health benefits!

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