#10: The Number One Solution for Fitness Recovery

#10: The Number One Solution for Fitness Recovery

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Imagine that there was a way to safely speed up recovery time post workout for maximum fitness performance. Well, at PowerDot we don’t just imagine this--we live it. PowerDot is the first smart electric muscle stimulator that supports peak fitness performance, strength building and endurance, recovery, and wellness.

Our all-in-one wireless electronic muscle stimulator pairs perfectly with an elegant mobile app that’s equipped with pre-set training programs to support any fitness level. Athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts agree that PowerDot’s recovery capabilities help speed up recovery post workout, reduce muscle soreness, and ease muscle discomfort and everyday aches and pains. This article will introduce you to the science behind electrical muscle stimulation and give you a clear picture of the role nutrition also plays in supporting recovery post workout.

Why EMS for Workout Recovery?

Fitness Recovery

Electrical muscle stimulation isn’t new science. Physicians and physical therapists have used electric muscle stimulation, also known as EMS technology or neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES), to treat Olympic athletes and top tier fitness professionals for decades. If you’re a fitness enthusiast and into building muscle, you’ve probably heard about electrical muscle stimulation. You may have even done a bit of research on the current electric muscle stimulators available.

PowerDot smart EMS technology is the ideal solution for a range of health, wellness and fitness needs--from warming up and ramping up your workouts to achieving your desired performance results and supporting post workout recovery. Electrical muscle stimulation engages a higher percentage of muscle fibers than traditional workouts. Our electric muscle stimulator activates low-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, sending deep contractions to individual or targeted muscle groups based on your fitness needs.

When used for post workout recovery, your PowerDot electric muscle stimulator helps oxygenate muscles, reduce soreness and flush out toxins including lactic acid. This effectively speeds up recovery time in between exercises as well as post workout. The electric pulses your PowerDot sends to your muscles keeps them gently moving with pain-free and scientifically proven electric stimulation.

PowerDot syncs up with our intuitive fitness app to provide you with pre-set fitness training programs. Simply apply the smart electric muscle stimulator pods to the appropriate area of the body to relax individual muscles or specific muscle groups.

How to Eat Right and Recover Faster with EMS

Fitness Nutrition


Here at PowerDot, we take a whole-health approach to fitness performance and recovery. Get the most from electrical muscle stimulation by taking care of your body from the inside, out. It’s important to prioritize nutrition throughout your fitness journey. Eating the right foods and maintaining proper hydration helps support optimal recovery. Smart nutrition, paired with PowerDot EMS technology, is a recipe for success when it comes to full and fast recovery from fitness training.

Our team of fitness professionals recommends that your pre-workout meal consists of 75% carbohydrates and 25% protein for strength training and muscle building workouts. The exact amount of protein you need to eat varies depending on your weight as well as the intensity and length of your workout. Eat this meal between one to two hours before your muscle building workout. On cardio days, carbs will make up most or all of your pre-workout meal. Your body metabolizes carbs into glucose (which equals energy!) quickly, so you’ll want to eat this meal between 30 to 60 minutes before your cardio workout. To prevent fatigue and sustain your energy, add protein and fiber during rest periods throughout your workout.

Optimal pre-workout meals include egg whites, spinach, apples, mangoes, whole grain toast, whole or mixed grain hot cereal, flaxseed, greek yogurt and protein shakes. Hydration is the most important goal post workout. Experts agree that it’s best to consume a high protein meal or protein shake within two hours of a workout to help your body build lean muscle. If you’ve completed an intense cardio workout, you may need to replenish your energy with a carb-rich snack. Combined protein and carbohydrates are needed post workout to help repair muscles and prevent soreness.

You can speed up your recovery using electrical muscle stimulation post workout. PowerDot EMS technology gently contracts muscles to promote blood flow, oxygenate muscles and flush out lactic acid so that your muscles can recover post workout as quickly as possible.

PowerDot is the perfect solution to faster recovery for fitness training at all levels. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to take advantage of the many benefits of electrical muscle stimulation. Our wireless electronic muscle stimulator is FDA-cleared, clinically proven, lightweight and easy to use.

Take PowerDot anywhere! Use at the gym, outdoors or when you workout out from home. Compare PowerDot Uno versus PowerDot Duo, make your selection and get training!

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