#11: We’ve Got a Solution for Dad Bod this Father’s Day

#11: We’ve Got a Solution for Dad Bod this Father’s Day

Stumped on what to get Dad for Father’s Day? No matter what age or fitness level, PowerDot makes gift giving easy--even for the dad who already has everything. If you’re looking to impress dad and support his health, PowerDot’s electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) system is the perfect gift. Our team of fitness professionals have even put together three distinct training programs that incorporate electric muscle stimulation for top fitness, health and wellness results.

In this article, we’ll explore EMS powered training for dads who may be interested in optimizing fitness performance, reducing recovery time post workout, or simply maintaining overall health and wellness. PowerDot delivers in each of these areas, with smart EMS technology designed for easy, effective use.

Fit Dad: Choose PowerDot for Strength, Endurance & Performance

Dads who pump iron, hit the track, and compete in triathalons or marathons on a regular basis are going to love how PowerDot provides accessible electric muscle stimulation safely at a level previously only available to top tier athletes, physicians and physical therapists. PowerDot is wireless, FDA cleared and clinically proven to help activate muscles for improved fitness performance. Our electric muscle stimulator uses electrical impulses to cause muscles to contract, helping them to resist fatigue and become stronger. Pre-set training programs are only a swipe and tap away, with warm up, muscle endurance, resistance and strength training, and explosive strength training programs all housed in our easy-to-use mobile app. PowerDot gives Dad peak performance at his fingertips!

Active Dad: Choose PowerDot for Faster Recovery

Your average dad is active and maybe works out several times a week. He has a busy home and work life, but he also appreciates looking and feeling his best. Fitness performance is certainly important, so Dad will be able to choose from performance training programs within the PowerDot app. What’s even more important for this guy is reducing recovery time post workout. Faster recovery time will not only allow Dad to optimize his fitness results, but also help him easily transition between board meetings and the gym--all in time for dinner and chores at home.

Across our three different pre-set recovery programs, PowerDot uses pain-free and scientifically proven electric stimulation to gently contract muscles. This promotes blood circulation, flushing lactic acid and oxygenating the blood at once. Recovery programs can be used for workouts at varying degrees of intensity--whether Dad has just run a 10K or simply put in an hour at the gym. Accelerate and improve muscle recovery with electrical muscle stimulation, which keeps muscles active and engaged, even during rest periods.

Dad Bod: Choose PowerDot for Fitness Maintenance & Wellness

Is dad bod still a thing? Well, whatever Dad’s bod looks like, we realize that you both want the best for his health and wellness. Here’s where PowerDot surfaces as the industry leader for safe, clinically proven and cost effective personal use of electric muscle stimulation. Our electric muscle stimulator is designed for seamless, portable use--for everyone and every body type.

If your father or grandfather is looking for more support in optimizing his health and wellness, PowerDot provides targeted, gentle muscle stimulation that does just that. When used correctly and consistently, electric muscle stimulation can help reduce everyday muscle tightness, soreness, weakness and discomfort as well as prevent injuries and tears. Now your dad can take control of his health and feel better faster with customizable wellness programs on the PowerDot app.

After reading all about the uses and benefits of electrical muscle stimulation, you’re much better positioned to determine your dad’s fitness and health needs. Plus you now understand exactly how PowerDot can support those needs. You might even want to grab your own PowerDot to help keep Dad (and yourself!) accountable.

Whether your dad is in tip-top training shape, looking for faster recovery post workout, or simply seeking greater comfort and ease in managing everyday muscle aches, PowerDot has a solution that perfectly pairs electric muscle stimulation with individual fitness needs.

Start with PowerDot Uno or Upgrade to PowerDot Duo to impress Dad this Father’s Day!

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