#25: Can Working Out Less Really Make You Stronger?

#25: Can Working Out Less Really Make You Stronger?

It seems like a paradox to say that you can actually benefit more from doing less, but when it comes to working out this can surprisingly ring true. There’s a common misconception about staying in shape that the more you workout, the fitter and stronger you’ll be. Well luckily for those who are squeezing more workouts into an already jam packed schedule, this just isn't the case!

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean added trips to the gym. In fact, this more is more mindset can create physical, emotional and mental health related problems if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s important to understand how to sustain a balanced workout routine coupled with a healthy diet. The last thing you want to do is overextend yourself or burn out.

Learn how to workout smarter with these 5 fitness tips that prove less really is more.

Fitness Tip 1--Maximize Your Time and Energy

First, knowing the specific fitness goals you want to achieve is key. Whether that means meeting with a trainer or researching what works best for you, preparing a solid training regimen in advance will help shave off wasted time at the gym deciding what you need to tackle for the day.

You also want to exercise at the right pace; that is, a pace that is challenging, but not to the point that you overexert yourself. Our team of fitness experts recommends HIIT (high intensity interval training) and sprint interval training. These types of exercises are definitely challenging, but also build in brief breaks to help you catch your breath before the next burst of activity. Another workout strategy is to alternate between 2 days of intense cardio and 2 days of intense strength training.

Fitness Tip 2--Train with Intensity

That brings us to our next training tip, which packs a punch. You can get stronger by working out less if you prioritize quality over quantity. It’s all about volume and intensity. The more sweat you put into your workouts, the better.

A recent study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research* found that among a control group of men, those who worked out only 3 days a week compared to those who worked out 6 days a week performing weight training including bench presses, squats and deadlifts, saw the same strength building results. In this case, it was the total lifting volume (i.e., total number of sets and reps completed) per workout rather than the frequency of workouts that made the difference when it came to results.

Intensity is just as important during your workouts. Where volume refers to the number of combined sets and reps you complete during a workout, intensity refers to how hard you push yourself. Here’s where you challenge yourself without overextending. Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) can help safely enhance your workouts by targeting specific muscles and muscle groups for strength building, strength endurance and muscle endurance.

Fitness Tip 3--Diversify Your Workouts

Don't be afraid to mix it up! If weight training isn’t your thing, try simplified exercises that incorporate cardio and stretching. You don’t even have to pay for an expensive gym membership or take a class. You can simply walk for 30 minutes between 3-5 days a week to improve your overall health and get your body moving. Plus changing up your workout routine helps keep your body from hitting a plateau too early. Sticking to the same workout routine for long periods of time forces your body to adapt to a certain stress level, and you won’t increase your strength that way.  

Fitness Tip 4--Maintain Good Form

If you want to workout less, you’ve got to be on your game--that means perfecting your form. Good form can go a long way in helping to build strength and prevent injuries. Practicing good form also saves time. How, you ask? Positioning yourself correctly from the beginning eliminates the need to retrain your body and muscles later, making your workouts that much more effective.

Fitness Tip 5--Get Some Rest

Recovery is one of the biggest buzz words in fitness right now, and for good reason. It’s just as important for your body to rest as it is to workout. Fortunately, electric muscle stimulation has made recovery easier and faster than ever before. Electrical muscle stimulation helps increase blood circulation, flush out lactic acid and reduce soreness post-workout. Now you can accelerate and improve muscle recovery after your workouts to keep muscles active and healthy as you prepare for your next strength building workout. PowerDot EMS offers 3 different recovery programs plus a massage mode for added recovery support.

Workout as little as 2-4 times a week at a higher intensity for a smart, efficient and effective way to get your reps in as you work toward your fittest body yet. Keep in mind that tougher workouts may require more recovery time. The good news is that current EMS technology can help speed up the process, and PowerDot is clinically proven, pain-free and FDA cleared.

Working out less really does have its benefits. Now, what will you do with all that extra time in your schedule? Your next best step is to align your new, trimmed down workout routine with a nutritious diet. Here’s to a healthier, happier, less stressed you!

Here at PowerDot, we live to make it easier for you to get and stay fit, and we believe our Smart Muscle Stimulator helps you do just that.

Learn how to easily keep your muscles moving during the holiday season using EMS so you can kick off the New Year right.

*Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

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