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The #1 Smart Muscle Stimulator Trusted By Athletes

Mattie Rogers
Olympic Weightlifter
Team USA

Runners World

“The most portable, easiest-to-use electrical stimulation system we’ve ever tried.”

Men's Health

“PowerDot completely changes the game”

Men's Health

“The app is incredibly straightforward and walks you through everything you need to know.”

Men's Health

“This at-home tool can help you bounce back”

  • Perform your Best
    • The secret to increasing muscle strength backed by science
    • Builds muscle size and density trusted by professional athletes
    • Improves muscle endurance for athletes that push their limits
  • Recover Faster
    • Actively removes waste from tissue shown to cleanse muscles
    • Strengthens atrophied muscles for faster pain-free training
    • Improves blood circulation for a healthy body and mind
  • Pain Relief
    • Smart targeting pin-points pain at the source for fast relief
    • Clinically proven to block pain signals with best-in-class technology
    • Customize your pain program and track your pain relief

the world's first

Smart Muscle

PowerDot® Smart Muscle Stimulation takes the technology of traditional EMS and packs it into a sleek, lightweight, easy-to-use pod controlled by a powerful mobile app to target pain and increase gain.

an almost

Unfair Advantage

Let’s face it, personalized therapy is expensive and inconvenient—PowerDot taps into industry-backed science trusted by athletes to move you faster in the most convenient way possible to achieve your best.

Our mobile app tracks your progress and offers a personally tailored program to achieve your next standard for athletic performance and recovery.

PowerDot 2.0 Duo

PowerDot 2.0 Duo

Available in Black or Red
while supplies last

PowerDot® Duo offers 2X the performance and recovery. You save $50 with the Duo for clinically proven smart muscle stimulation evenly balanced for maximum coverage and muscle targeting.

PowerDot 2.0 Uno

PowerDot 2.0 Uno

Available in Black or Red
while supplies last

PowerDot® Uno offers industry leading performance and recovery packed into the best muscle stimulator on the market. The UNO is clinically proven to achieve your best and track the results.


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