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Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew became the youngest American swimmer to turn professional at the age of 14. Since then he has broken over 100 National Age Group swim records and holds multiple national and international titles. We are excited to accompany Michael on his journey to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021.

Recovery for every body

"I’ve incorporated Powerdot into my daily training routine and it’s been a game-changer for my Olympic Games preparation. Powerdot allows me to maximize my recovery time between training sessions so I can get the most out of my body, each and every day.” - Michael Andrew

Road to greatness

The timing of the PowerDot relationship could not be better as Michael sets his sights on the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. PowerDot will work with Michael to improve not only his recovery techniques, but also to improve performance with their patented performance programs. Something that he and his father, who also trains Michael, believe will be a huge difference maker this summer.

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PowerDot will help your body perform better, recover faster, and feel it’ best. With a intuitive mobile app and 10+ preset programs, PowerDot provides access to world class muscle stimulation. Enhance your journey through health & wellness, and experience the world’s smartest muscle performance and recovery tool. Let’s get started.

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PowerDot 2.0 Smart Electric Muscle Stimulator

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30-day Money Back Gaurantee & 1-year warranty

PowerDot® is the world's smartest muscle recovery & performance tool. Read more...

The Smart Muscle Stimulator connects via Bluetooth® to an intuitive mobile app that controls 10+ muscle stimulation programs designed to help you:

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