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We are proud to partner with TheMOVE podcast brought to you by Lance Armstrong and the WEDU team. We share the same ethos that drives athletes forward and tears down the boundaries of human potential.

Smart Recovery™

The PowerDot app connects with health apps like Strava. Whenever you complete a workout or activity in that app, PowerDot will recognize the activity and notify you that a recovery session has been scheduled. These sessions will guide you through pad placement, and are aimed to maximize recovery so you get the most benefit from the activity without feeling overly fatigued or sore.

No health apps, no problem

If you aren’t currently using any third-party health apps, worry not. PowerDot’s Smart Recovery feature also allows you to input basic information that can then guide you through similar protocols. By providing the app with the type of workout, workout duration, and workout intensity – PowerDot can then build a protocol specific to your needs.

At-home pain relief and recovery

Now more than ever we are searching for ways to stay healthy and feel our best from the comfort of our homes. PowerDot allows you to target and relieve pain and soreness easily and effectively from home. The fact it is is hands free allows you to maximize your time and multitask while finishing that presentation for work or that climb up L'alp D'huez.

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The Pro Bundle

Includes a DUO

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30-day Money Back Guarantee & 1-year warranty

LIMITED TIME OFFER - Our best-selling option for athletes comes equipped with a PowerDot 2.0 DUO in either red or black, 6 months of extra pads (3 sets), the Butterfly Back Pad, and our new PowerDock charging station. If you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or looking to maximize your training and recovery, this is the option for you. Read more...

PowerDot® is the world's smartest muscle recovery & performance tool. The Smart Muscle Stimulator connects via Bluetooth® to an intuitive mobile app that controls 10+ muscle stimulation programs designed to help you:

  • Recover faster
  • Massage out knots
  • Avoid training fatigue
  • Relieve muscle & joint soreness
  • Increase muscle strength & endurance
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Warm up muscles to prevent injury
  • Feel your best

    Clinically proven, pain-free, and FDA cleared - It’s that simple.

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